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Assemblage Point Balancing

The human body is an electrical energy system, and its electrical properties have been largely ignored by modern science.

The human body is an oscillating energy field, the energy body is also known as the human aura. The Assemblage Point is a concentrated vortex of energy that links the energy body to the physical body where in the centre of this is the Assemblage Point. The energy body should be symmetrical with the physical body.

We have a central vertical flow of energy running through the body  (Central Assemblage Energy channel)  and a horizontal flow of energy (Assemblage Point) through the body creating a cross pattern. When these two energies are in alignment we experience a state of mental, emotional, physical balance and optimum function. If these two channels of energy in alignment then we have the maximum  flow of energy to the 10 trillion cells in the human body.


The Assemblage Point influences the activity of the chakras, glands, organs and immune system. It also affects posture and complexion. When the Assemblage Point is aligned it creates a strong Wei Qi (defensive energy)

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