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Assemblage Point Balance Treatment

When you book in for an Assemblage Point Balance. I will first take a consultation and then with consent gauge with my dowsing rods each of your energy fields (etheric, astral and causal) to understand what needs correcting and balancing. I will be using Wulfenite crystal to support the Assemblage Balancing as its a very powerful crystal to support balance, this is placed on your etheric body just above the heart chakra. I will then work at balancing each of the three auric Assemblage Points.

The treatment is beautifully relaxing and always end with the choice of a short or full reflexology treatment to support grounding after the energy work.

clients always report feeling so much more aligned and in tune with their bodies, relaxed and centred. Their eyes shine more brightly too. Other feedback includes heightened awareness and exhilaration!  

It truly is a most beautiful treatment to give and receive.

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