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Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Bach a medical doctor and homeopath in the 1900's discovered the energetic power of plants and flowers as he took early morning walks and sipped the dew resting in each flower head.

His discoveries took place over many years and followed his personal journey of self discovery. In total 38 flower remedies were discovered that could support transition from a negative emotional place to a more positive emotional situation.

They are totally natural, no side effects and very gentle and subtle in their actions. Bach Flowers even work on pets and house plants that have been moved!

All 38 remedies can be pertinent to each of us during our lives. You should feel a benefit within 4-5 days if they are being used as prescribed. Family and friends around you will notice the subtle changes maybe before you become aware.

I have been using Bach Flowers for 24 yrs and truly find them a gentle, holistic treatment than can help support individuals as we navigate life's tricky path.

If you want to find out more and what remedies would support you then please do contact me to make an appointment. All consultations are totally confidential.

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