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Corporate Wellbeing

Health is one of the major hidden costs for modern business: it can range from £900 - £6500 per employee.

One in five people suffer stress in the workplace at any given time which is often built upon stress outside of the work place. Mental health and wellbeing has never held such an important profile as it does today. If individuals have mental dis-ease, unsupported it can potentially lead to disease.


Important research was carried out in the 1990's in Denmark by utilising the skills of a reflexologist. What is clear is that the workforce not only found themselves healthier for having a reflexologist but also that there is an associated increase in satisfaction, an increased work effort and an increased feeling of loyalty to the company.

Staff attrition costs money with replacement personnel not only being expensive to find, but also the retraining required has an offset cost in productivity. By offering reflexology your staff retention may benefit as employees that feel supported are more likely to stay.

Reflexology is an easy to receive therapy, probably more so than many therapies as there is little removal of clothes. Because it is only carried out on the extremities such as feet and hands it’s very acceptable to all ages and cultures. 

I am happy to discuss finer details directly and flexible to offer bespoke packages.All treatments will be upheld with confidentiality to the client. The employer will recognise the benefit of this personal investment.

In addition, a anonymised and confidential report will be given to the employer at the end of the purchased treatments evidencing the efficacy of the treatments and the benefits realised by the employees, thus illustrating how seriously you as a company value your staffs wellbeing.

Please contact me for further information and prices.

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