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Well this is me...

Married mother of three beautiful children (most of the time); 12 yrs, 15yrs and 17yrs. I am married to Harry who works as a General Practitioner.

I live and practice in Leckhampton and also work as a professional artist and sculptor of wire birds. I am passionate about supporting my family, friends and people who come into my life, always ready to share and offer loyal support.

I incorporate Sound Healing with Solfeggio Frequencies, planetary gongs and a variety of sound healing instruments into my treatments or as a stand alone sound healing treatment. I have completed a 9 month diploma and case studies in the use of tuning forks and have been awarded advanced gong master certification after intensive 200 hrs training over the past 18 months with the world leader Don Conreaux who set up the concept of gong baths in 1969 alongside Aidan Mckintyre. I aim to play my gongs at every opportunity, seven days a week, alongside the conch and various other sound healing instruments. I am also very interested in traditional Chinese Medicine Elemental approach having studied under Heidi Armstrong and Primary and Secondary Lymphatic Drainage under Sally Kay to compliment my Reflexology treatments. I balance the Assemblage Points of our auric bodies (ether if, astral and causal) taught by world renowned Simon Heather, balance and cleanse chakra energies and work as a reiki master with my Usui Master lineage being six removed from Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of reiki. I also give distant healing to clients all across the world with beautiful results. The energy I work with is given to share far and wide.

I’m qualified in Auricular Reflexology to compliment my practice whilst empowering clients to self treat between treatments, pressing the stainless steel acupressure ear seeds placed on auricular acupressure points for well being and balance. Continued professional development is high on my agenda as a therapist, always wanting the very best for my clients and clients of the future.

I have a passion for life learning and self development, with my aim in life to be the best person I can possibly be.

I am always happy to speak to anyone interested in Reflexology or my other therapies as it is so important that you 'click' with your therapist. If you would like to book yourself in for a non obligated discovery call then send me an email and we can together coordinate a suitable time.

2024 sees more training in trauma release with Dr Willem Lammers based in Germany and Emotional Freedom technique to further compliment my meridian studies and work.
I look forward to supporting you on your journey of well-being and inner harmony.

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