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Sound Healing Therapy

From December 2020 I will be offering Sound Healing therapy using my Solfeggio 9 Tuning Forks, Violet Clear and Cleanse and Balance tuning forks - OM frequency.

This is a gentle acoustic therapy that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks to re-tune us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have used these sounds during palliative and end of life care with beautiful and peaceful results. Supporting and teaching families how to create a peaceful environment for their loved one.

It can help release tension and energy and promote emotional balance. It works similarly to acupuncture using sound frequencies for acupressure point stimulation rather than needles. Once the forks have been struck the sound waves are then placed on appropriate acupressure points and meridian pathways.


  • 396HZ - Releases Fear

  • 417HZ - Eases and Initiates Change

  • 528 HZ - Healing and DNA Repair

  • 639 HZ - Heals Relationships

  • 741 HZ - Finding Creative Expressions and Solutions

  • 852 Hz - Spiritual Homecoming

Treatments can be booked as a stand alone session or combined with a reflexology treatment for a totally holistic treatment that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and encourage your body to enter its own healing response.

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