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" I left feeling as though I was walking on my own cloud" Child aged 11 yrs

"'I wish I had listened to you a few months back when I came for a routine reflexology treatment. You said you felt a difference around my gall bladder reflex. I ignored you as I had no symptoms and because I thought you could not possibly have felt through my feet. To cut a long tale short, I have now had surgery to remove my gall bladder as it was packed full of stones. Thank you for picking up on my symptoms with your amazing treatment" 

'I just had to write to say how much better I feel since I received your reflexology treatments. You were spot on when you said you could feel congestion in my colon! I have experienced some heavy emotional issues over the past few months, and am very aware that whatever is experienced emotionally is reflected in the physical. This is now much better, thanks to your treatments"

"A lovely experience again and a new wonderful treatment space. A very good nights sleep too! Bless you Rachael, looking forward very much to my next session"

"You treatments are just heavenly, they always take me to a special healing place where I feel so tranquil and at inner peace"

"Within seconds of Rachael touching my feet I felt a sense  deep calm which I haven't experienced before. Rachael truly has got magic hands"

"I found the whole treatment absolutely fascinating, and could feel sensations around my body where Rachael was pressing reflexes on my feet and acupressure points. I absolutely loved it and want more" Child aged 15 yrs


"I had problems with my hips and pelvis due to being 32 weeks pregnant with my second child. I was astounded that after a treatment I was able to walk normally once I got off Rachael's reflexology chair... I was speechless" 30/40 pregnant client

"Rachael has a calm and gentle and deeply caring personality. She is so knowledgeable and i always feel so relaxed after my treatments which can last for up to two weeks. Love my reflexology sessions"

"I have seen Rachael for reflexology to support my lymphatic drainage following surgery. Never have I felt so relaxed and I have also noticed a shift in my lymphodema swelling. I look forward so much to my treatments"


I would recommend Rachael to anyone needing support in their body and in their mind. Rachael is intuitive, kind and knowledgeable in many healing and nurturing skills. I have experienced reflexology, sound healing, reiki and I am now looking forward to my own personal Bach Flower remedy put together just for me and my current needs.I learn something new whenever I meet her and usually float off on my cloud of restored energy. A gift to yourself or a friend"


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