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Reflexology Clinic for Adults

Hello, I'm Rachael and I am based in a lovely calm and sacred space on Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham.

Receiving reflexology or your treatment of choice with me will start off with a full consultation (over the phone due to recent government covid advice) which will then fulfil a treatment plan to suit your individual and personal needs.

I will use a combination of tonifying techniques to support underlying depletion or tiredness and releasing techniques for congestion and tension.

I work incorporating the Five Element Chinese medical system, which brings in new emotional and physiological associations to the organ systems of our bodies and allows each treatment to be totally holistic and deeply caring. 


Alongside I use Bach Flowers Remedies advice to support emotional balancing from a negative state to a positive state.


Each and every client leaves deeply calm and replenished after visiting their sacred space for the duration of their treatment.


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